About Me

I am Big Beano! Me, Mike Watts! A hugely experienced graphic designer who has worked for over 20 years in various top midland advertising and design agencies. Now a solo consultant, I can bring the skills I learned, along with my own innate talents to clients at a much more competitive rate. As you can see I do everything from corporate logos, through annual reports, leaflets, flyers, newsletters to party and wedding invitationsTake a look at some of the samples here and see if there is anything I could do for you or your business.

Please note that I can’t show all that I do, much of which is for other agencies.


And the name Big Beano? well it dates back to my school days at The Woodlands School in Coventry. My brother was in one of the younger classes, where his class mates decided that he looked like one of the “Bash Street Kids” from the strip of the same name in the Beano comic and so gave him the nickname “Beano”  When I walked by they declared that I should therefore be “Big Beano”.  As one of the least obnoxious nicknames I had been given I have now reclaimed it.